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Snow0 - 0 cm
Chairlifts / Surface lifts3 z 4
Type of snow-
slopes0 km z 7.3 km

Harrachov is the most famous ski resort of the western Krkonose Mountains.

Even in the past, the city of Harrachov has been known outside the Czech borders for its glassmaking industry.

In this picturesque town with a long history one can also find Sunski && Board School. There are more than 25 instructors with years of practice teaching in our ski and snowboard school in Harrachov, all able to organize both individual and group lessons depending on the level and skills of the client.

Besides skiing, snowboarding and ski running lessons we also organize cross-country skiing trips. We own a rope tow for children located right next to the departure station of the lift leading to Certova Hora. We use the rope town for teaching both children and adults.

There are 200 carving and 80 snowboard sets and good-quality skis and snowboards for children. New models are bought every year. Nothing is older than 3 years. We also rent bobsleigh, goggles and helmets. All the equipment is maintained at our service. The service is available for other clients as well (waxing, sharpening, setting ski binding and other small adjustments).

Opening hours: daily from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Contact us

Opening hours: daily from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Phone: +420 608 731 835, +420 777 018 813

Pivnice U Krtka 190 (under jumper area), 51246 Harrachov

Group lessons (min. 5 persons)*
number of days price
1/2 day = 2 hours 400,- CZK
1 day = 2x2 hours 550,- CZK
2 days = 4x2 hours 1000,- CZK
3 days = 6x2 hours 1450,- CZK
4 days = 8x2 hours 1800,- CZK
5 days = 10 x 2 hours 2050,- CZK

*price per one person

Private lessons*
number of days 3-4 persons 2 persons 1 person
1/2 day = 2 hours 550,- CZK 630,-CZK 770,-CZK
1 day = 2x2 hours 800,- CZK 1100,-CZK 1350,-CZK
2 days = 4x2 hours 1450,- CZK 1900,-CZK 2400,-CZK
3 days = 6x2 hours 2100,- CZK 2750,-CZK 3400,-CZK
4 days = 8x2 hours 2600,- CZK 3500,-CZK 4400,-CZK
5 days = 10 x 2 hours 3000,- CZK 4050,-CZK 5130,-CZK

*price per one person

Ski and snowboard rental
1/2 day 1 day 2 days
Ski carving set 190,- CZK 320,- CZK 570,-CZK
Ski TOP set 380,- CZK 500,-CZK 980,-CZK
Children ski set 100,- CZK 150,-CZK 300,-CZK
Snowboard set 200,- CZK 300,-CZK 580,-CZK
Snowblades 150,- CZK 200,-CZK 390,-CZK
Cross country 100,- CZK 180,-CZK 350,-CZK