Snow- cm
Chairlifts / Surface lifts0 z 3
Type of snow-
slopes0 km z 2.4 km

Branna town is located between Hanusovice, Stare Mesto and Ostruzna and it creates a sort of an entrance to Jeseniky from the western side. The local ski resort operated by PROskil company can be enjoyed by recreational skiers, families with children and sports-loving people. The resort is located in 630 – 750 meters above sea level. There are two surface lifts, a chairlift and a rope-tow for children. The slopes are artificially snowed over and regularly maintained. Thanks to the climate of the local valley and the owner’s effort this resort starts the season as the first one open in the Czech Republic. While others fly kites, we already ski here.

Parking is possible right next to the ski lift or the chairlift.

The location of the branch office in the resort – at the lower station of the chairlift

Ukončení sezóny

Ukončení sezóny

Děkujeme všem návštěvníkům střediska Branná a klientům školy za jejich návtěvu a budeme se těšit na shledanou v příští sezóně. Vaš tým Sunski
Contact us

Opening hours: 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

SUN Ski and Board School in Branna Proskil area

Parking lot near the lower station of the chairlift

phone: +420 724 377 274

phone: +420 725 222 126

phone: +420 725 222 128


Ramzová 342, 788 25 Ostružná

Group lessons (3-10 persons)*
number of days price / person
1 day 690,- CZK
2 days 1090,- CZK
3 days 1390,- CZK
4 days 1590,- CZK
5 - 6 days 1790,- CZK

*price per one person

Private lessons  (1-3 persons)
number of persons 1/2 day 1 day
1 person 1090,- CZK 1590,- CZK
2 persons +390,- CZK +490,- CZK
3 persons +290,- CZK +390,- CZK

Ski – snowboard rental
number of days price
1 day 360,- CZK
2 days 690,- CZK
3 days 990,- CZK
4 days 1260,- CZK
5 - 6 days 1490,- CZK

group lessons + ski or snowboard set
3 days 2090,- CZK
5 - 6 days 2809,- CZK