Ski resort Bila in Beskydy is located in a valley of the Bila Ostravice river. It is spreaded around the primary road no. 56 from Frydek – Mistek heading towards Bumbalka at the border with Slovakia. There are parking lots connected directly to it with a total capacity of 650 parking spots. Road and the parking lots are maintained in a perfect condition throughout the whole year, so even less skilled drivers can visit us.

The ski resort comprises of a number of slopes from race slopes with a FIS homologation through medium level slopes to those for beginners including the best ski park for children in the Czech Republic equipped with a carpet lift, a Rotondo ski carousel, a T-bar lift MIKY and more. There is also a snowpark for snowboarding in the resort.

All the slopes employ artifical snow as a supplement to the natural one. Some of the slopes are lit at night which allows night skiing.

Fans of cross-country skiing can enjoy 4 maintained trails 10, 16, 20 and 33 kilometers long connected to tourist tracks in Beskydy.

There are 50 professional instructors of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snow-shoes guides everyday at Bila. We specialize in teaching children at the age of two and older, but we teach adults as well. We belong among the top 5 ski school in the Czech Republic. Our offices are open daily from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m.

new snow-
Snow0 - 0 cm
Chairlifts / Surface lifts0 z 7
Type of snow-
slopes0 km z 8.5 km
Contact us

Bílá v Beskydech

Email: bila@sunski.cz

Phone: +420 774 155 380

Open: 8 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Private lessons (max. 3 persons) 
9,00 - 16,00 8,00-9,00 a 16,00-21,00
1 person another person 1 person another person
1 hour 490,- CZK +290,- CZK 390,-CZK +190,- CZK
2 hours 930,- CZK +500,- CZK 730,- CZK +300,- CZK
3 hours 1320,- CZK +630,- CZK - -
4 hours 1660,- CZK +680,- CZK - -
8 hours in the season 3290,- CZK - - -

Group lessons (4 persons and more)* 
2 hours 390,- CZK
4 hours 490,- CZK
8 hours 950,- CZK
12 hours 1350,- CZK

*price per one person

Ski and a snowboard rental
 1 hr. 1/2 day 1day
ski set – STANDART, cross-country ski set 150,- CZK 210,-CZK 310,- CZK
part of the set (ski, boots), snowblades 110,- CZK 160,- CZK 260,- CZK
snowboard set 160,- CZK 220,- CZK 320,- CZK
part of the set (snowboard, boots) 120,- CZK 180,- CZK 270,- CZK
ATOMIC V.I.P. ski set 190,- CZK 290,- CZK 450,- CZK
V.I.P. ski 150,- CZK 210,- CZK 310,- CZK
snowboots 150,- CZK 210,- CZK 310,- CZK
ski poles, googles 20,- CZK 40,- CZK 60,- CZK
helmet, bobsleigh, sledge 30,- CZK 50,- CZK 100,- CZK
ski-bockerl (for children, for adults) 120,- CZK 180,- CZK 270,- CZK