One of the best resorts in Moravia, belongs among the top 10 resorts in the Czech Republic. In 782 meters above sea level lies the highest express train stop in the country – Ramzovske sedlo (Ramzova col). That’s also where the longest chairlift in Jeseniky begins. The first part is a modern four-person chairlift which takes you to Cernava from where the slopes for recreational skiers start. The second part is a two-person chairlift which takes you to Serak, the starting point of the mountain range of Hruby Jesenik, up to 1351 meters above sea level.

In the winter season you can enjoy a 3-kilometer long slope to the lower station, which is a bit challenging in the middle part, or you can use other lifts in the upper part around Cernava. The ideal slopes for beginners and families are located in the lower part of the resort with many more lifts and a two-person chairlift.

If you are more of a cross-country skiing person, Ramzova is the perfect starting point for a range hike or less difficult way in the other direction leading to Petrikov, Paprsek and its surroundings. The resort is artificially snowed over in 90% of the area.

The main building of the ski school and rental is located at the lower station of the four-person chairlift leading to Serak. A smaller office can be found at the lower parking lot besides the two-person chairlift. The third office is beside the former lower station of a two-person chairlift leading to Serak, where also a small shop with WOOX clothing can be found. 

new snow-
Snow-0 - -0 cm
Chairlifts / Surface lifts1 z 8
Type of snow-
slopes0 km z 10.4 km
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Opening hours: daily from 9.30 a.m. till 4.30 p.m.

Sunski and Boardschool Ramzova

At the lower parking lot near the lower R3 chairlift station

At the lower four-person Bonera chairlift station

At the former lower two-person Bonera chairlift station

phone: +420 725 222 126 - Sunski school 

phone: +420 725 222 128 - Sunski manager

E-mail: ramzova@sunski.cz
Web: www.sunski.cz


Ramzová 342, 788 25 Ostružná

Group lessons (3-10 persons)*
number of days price / person
1 day 690,- CZK
2 days 1090,- CZK
3 days 1390,- CZK
4 days 1590,- CZK
5 - 6 days 1790,- CZK

*price per one person

Private lessons (1-3 persons)
number of persons 1/2 day 1 day
1 person 1090,- CZK 1590,- CZK
2 persons +390,- CZK +490,- CZK
3 persons +290,- CZK +390,- CZK

Ski – snowboard rental
number of days price
1 day 360,- CZK
2days 690,- CZK
3 days 990,- CZK
4 days 1260,- CZK
5 - 6 days 1490,- CZK

group lessons + ski or snowboard set
3 days 2090,- CZK
5 - 6 days 2809,- CZK