Zlaté hory - příčná - Ski school is in Branná and Ramzová

Zlaté hory - příčná - Ski school is in Branná and Ramzová

The ski resort Pricna Zlate Hory is located in a picturesque setting of Zlatohorska hornatina (Zlatohorska Highlands) which is a part of the Hruby Jesenik Mountains. The resort itself is located at the foot of the highest mountain of the highlands – Pricna, 925 meters high. The resort is named after it. There is a four-person chairlift with a start area in the resort, the slopes are regularly maintained and artificially snowed over. There is also a hotel, a hostel, a gym, a hot tube, sauna a volleyball court, a football pitch and an outdoor swimming pool. Ski kindergarten with a rope tow at the lower station of the chairlift. The upper part of the slope is suitable for more skilled skiers, the lower part for families with little children.

Parking is possible in the resort iself, near the cash desk and the lower station of the chairlift.

The location of the brach office in the resort – ski school and rental can be found at the lower station of the chairlift in a newly recontructed area.

new snow-
Snow0 - 0 cm
Chairlifts / Surface lifts2 z 5
Type of snow-
slopes0 km z 8.7 km
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Opening hours: Daily from 8.30 a.m. until 4.30 p.m.

SUN Ski && Board School in the area of "Bohemaland" Zlaté Hory

Near the chairlift station and cash office

phone: +420 725 222 122

phone: +420 725 222 128

E-mail: zlatehory@sunski.cz
Web: www.sunski.cz


Ramzová 342, 788 25 Ostružná

Zlaté hory
Zlaté hory
Zlaté hory
Group lessons (3-10 persons )*
number of days price / person
1 day 690,- CZK
2 days 1090,- CZK
3 days 1390,- CZK
4 days 1590,- CZK
5 - 6 days 1790,- CZK

*price per one person

Private lessons (1-3 persons)
number of persons 1/2 day 1 day
1 person 1090,- CZK 1590,- CZK
2 persons +390,- CZK +490,- CZK
3 persons +290,- CZK +390,- CZK

Ski – snowboard rental
number of days price
1 day 360,- CZK
2days 690,- CZK
3 days 990,- CZK
4 days 1260,- CZK
5 - 6 days 1490,- CZK

group lessons + ski or snowboard set
3 days 2090,- CZK
5 - 6 days 2809,- CZK